Welcome, I am a Web developer.

I am quick learner. Either I will be your great asset or your competitor. Are you gonna hire me ?

About me

I am Bhuvan Sapkota. I perfer calling me by nickname Santosh. I am a self-employed web-designer from Sydney. However, my home country is Nepal; studied in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I design beautiful, usable, professional websites without all the nonsense using latest W3C web standards guidelines, resulting in semantic and SEO friendly XHTML and CSS. As per required, I can use Php, jQuery and javacsript. All my websites are not only lovingly hand coded but also I can work on different CMS like Wordpress, Drupal and Umbraco.

I am also a Pizza Chef who knows all about pizzas. If you are interested about my pizza career please click here.

If you would like to have a chat about your project or If you want to hire me feel free to contact me.

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